Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unpack n tieback

Do you wanna be in the racetrack? The schedule is not jam-packed if you travel off- track, when time comes you need not holdback and you don’t have to pull back. You don’t have to fast track and trust me it is not a drawback.

Hey laid-back, put the coat in the coatrack, pack the knapsack, hum a soundtrack and a sidetrack, ride on a horseback and crash in a quaint shack

Get the books from the bookrack, lie down on the bareback, and once you are bored play the blackjack and hog till you become a hunchback.

Once in a while playback, but when there’s that flashback which just takes you aback just don’t backtrack. I know it is a throwback to the past and you are just swept back. But forget the setback, just don’t roll back and please try not to switchback because it is not so difficult to comeback.

Though you are alone, don’t cutback on the wisecracks, that’s my feedback. Smoke from the ‘smokestack’ and act like a full crack. When it is pitch-black , ransack the rucksack to get some snacks and then it is time to hit the sack.

You hear the tick-tack and look at the clock; it is time to remember the attack.

Then you make that call back n then you know it is the time for the payback . You take the gun from the backpack….

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A thing here n there

Am tripping on no painkiller

I aint no Rockefeller

I met no fortune teller

But for now I am a teetotaler

Message : Take a break from your 'Tripping nectars' once in a while

Friday, December 19, 2008

The run

Burn the books in the room and start running. Run from your room. Knock on random doors, knock on the heads and give a smack on the bums of the oversleeping friends and run. Run up the stairs. Run into the mess, wish the garrulous obese friends good bye and run again Run to the canteen n throw away the laptop of the geeks sitting there n then run into a class room, throw a stone at the crap in the ppt and run. Run to the auditorium, shake a leg and start dancing with the recruiters and dead serious aspirants. Run out. Run down the hill and run out to face the world.

Run to a Metallica concert, ask all to observe one minute silence and run again. Run to Paris, run the ramp with the models and run away. Run to Monaco, run across the formula 1 track and keep running if u r still alive. Run to the Olympics, Run with Usain bolt and run out of the stadium.

Run into the brick wall of prejudices, biases and preconceived notions, fall down, get hurt, get up and run into it until it collapses. Run into the black hole of hypocrisy, pseudo social norms and made up illusions and run out of it after burying the black hole. Run to the forest of miseries, bump into the trees of racism, face the beasts of hatred, step on the thorns of poverty, bleed, bleed n bleed. Wipe the blood away, start a forest fire and run, run n run. Run back through the pages of history and tear off the pages containing all the bloody wars fought over trivial reasons and run back to the present.

Run into the Taj Hotel; shed a tear n run again. Run inside the parliament during the question hour and give the answer “To hell with all of you” n run out before you get shot. Run through the Wall Street, show ur preferred finger to all the over hyped human causes of economic depression and keep running.

Run to the old man sitting on the pavement, take the cigarette from him, have a drag, give him a hug and run again. Run to the chapel of love, kiss the bride n the groom and even the priest and run out. Run to the school, ring the bell, watch the kids run out and run with them. Run to the river, take a dive, take a dip, get out and run again. Run to the cliff, burn the cash, get rid of the clothes, be a free man and fly away.

But for now, run out of the dream, Run to the toilet, run to the shower, run back to the room, run to the mess and run to the class. It is 9 o clock !!!!!!!